venerdì 9 gennaio 2009

iPod touch UI

I continue my journey in the fascinating world of mobile with a new article on TheCodeProject iPod touch UI[^].

Here you can see a new way to work with Alpha blending and a way to work with WMP OCX on mobile. The article focus on
  • C#
  • CF .NET
  • Resolution-aware and Orientation-aware
  • Dynamic graphic text resize
  • Mouse gesture
  • Intercepting button
  • Work with Windows Media Player OCX on Windows Mobile.

I hope you enjoy during the reading like me during the develop.

2 commenti:

Alain ha detto...

Just looking through the UI, wow, sweet stuff.

Dr.Luiji ha detto...

Thank you Alain,
Also I've another article on UI, here under you can find: a link to all the whole article on codeproject.

If you like it take a moment to vote (and post a commnet) for it on codeproject.
Anyway I've really appreciated your encouragement.