venerdì 19 dicembre 2008

iPhoneUI on msdn

Now you can find my iPhoneUI (codeproject article) on the msdn.
here[^], take a look.

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Aragorn ha detto...
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Aragorn ha detto...

Hi Dr.Luiji,
I tried to create new wallpapers with photoshop, i saved new wallpaper with bmp format (24bit and 32 bit as well). After save bitmap it seems goot on the windows picture viewer, when i implemented my pocket pc test app background, it seems to poor.

Which program should i use or what am i doing wrong ?

i putted an example image to here :

Thank you

Dr.Luiji ha detto...

It seems an emulator problem, probably your Display Color Depth is 8 bits per pixel. You can check it through the 'Emulator Propeties'.
The step to find the value are simple:
- Open the menu 'File' and chose 'Configure...' (it opens the 'Emulator Propeties')
- Go to the second Tab 'Dispaly' and in the section video you can see the color depth.
If it less than your format this is the issue.
If you have problem, give me the image or, if you can, the project I'll try to find a way.