mercoledì 14 luglio 2010

Froyo Build - First Fastboot

Now I'm able to build froyo image, but I have an error flashing it.
The error is :

fastboot update -w
archive does not contain 'boot.sig'
archive does not contain 'recovery.sig'
archive does not contain 'system.sig'
Bootloader Version...: 0.95.3000
Baseband Version.....:
Serial Number........: HT91RL(XXXXXX)
checking product... OKAY [ 0.006s]
checking serialno... OKAY [ 0.009s]
checking version-bootloader... OKAY [ 0.012s]
checking version-baseband... FAILED

Device version-baseband is ''.
Update requires ''.

finished. total time: 0.070s

The solution is:
Open the board-info.txt and replace
require version-baseband=
with this
require version-baseband=> 

Happy flashing


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